A Trip To This Remote Hawaiian Island Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

As the most isolated population center in the world, Hawaii is as about remote and wild as it gets. But you won’t feel that way if you’re hanging out in Waikiki. No, you have to get further off the grid – specifically, to the tiny, gorgeous and untamed island of Molokai. The fifth largest Hawaiian Island at just 260 square miles located east of Oahu and north of Lanai, Molokai was just named one of National Geographic’s “17 of the World’s Most Wild and Beautiful Places.

At Only In Your State, we’re thrilled with the attention Molokai is getting – and it certainly doesn’t get much more wild or beautiful than this small slice of unrivaled Hawaiian paradise.

Wild and beautiful indeed. Have you visited Molokai? If not, what’s stopping you? I think after the stress of the United States presidential election season and the upcoming holidays, we could all use a little getaway.