10 Unforgettable Ocean Adventures In Hawaii You Must Have Before Winter

As all of your friends on the mainland are enjoying the crisp autumn air, it can be easy to become jealous of the fresh apple cider and trips to the pumpkin patch. Here in Hawaii, there is one major advantage to keep in mind, though: we don’t have to experience a harsh winter. The approaching winter, however, does mean that our fragile selves will start experiencing cold more often especially while in the chilly waters of the Pacific. We know, we know… the average water temperature only drops five degrees, but it’s still cold. So, in celebration of the end of summer and endless beach days, here are 12 awesome adventures to be had in the gorgeous Pacific Ocean before the water temperature drops.

While there is no saying you can’t partake in some of these unforgettable ocean adventures during the winter, the water is generally warmer and the waves are safer during the summer months. And besides, we’d rather hit the trails while the temperatures are cooler, if only by a few degrees.

Two ocean-centric activities you absolutely MUST try in the winter? Watching professional surfers tackle some of the world’s largest waves (and hopefully check out one of the coolest surf competitions in the world), and do some whale watching either from a boat or popular coastal hike like Makapu’u Lighthouse.