12 Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To This One Hawaii City

Hawaii is the absolute best, but if we’re being honest for a minute, some places are better than others. With a population of just under 375,000 residents, people flock to Honolulu – and not just because it is the hub of business and industry in Hawaii. Honolulu was rated as the third best city in Hawaii by the HAWAII Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 – and while we believe that the first and second place winners – Lahaina and Hanalei, respectively – are quite amazing, Honolulu simply has more to offer in terms of natural beauty, culture, history, and the conveniences of a major American city. Oh, and according to Travel + Leisure, Honolulu is one of “The Best Cities In The US,” so there’s that.

Not convinced that Honolulu is the best city Hawaii has to offer? Well, just take a look at these 12 facts about the city that just might sway your opinion.

What other reasons are there to move to Honolulu? Do you live in Hawaii’s great capital city? Be sure to share this post if you do, and maybe even check out these 8 amazing Honolulu beaches.