Here Are 17 Reasons Everyone Should Move To Hawaii

There’s an undeniable feeling of peace that washes over you as you land in Hawaii, as you step into the beautiful Pacific Ocean on any of the islands’ phenomenal beaches: it’s called paradise, and it’s something everyone should experience at least once in their life. And obviously, living here – for your entire life, or just a year – is much better than a simple vacation that will leave you wanting for more.

I’m sure there are locals out there who are already furious with me over the title of this piece, and I get it: the islands are overcrowded and you’re mad that we are suggesting anyone else move to the beautiful place we call home. Go ahead, be furious with me, but don’t tell me that any of these 17 things aren’t true.

There is so much more to living in Hawaii than these 17 simple things, and living in Hawaii isn’t for everyone, but hey, it will surely be the experience of a lifetime.