This 2.5-Mile Hike In Hawaii Leads To The Dreamiest Swimming Hole

While the breathtaking Hawaiian Islands are home to countless stunning beaches, sometimes you want something a little more adventurous — perhaps a local swimming hole with a gorgeous waterfall accessible only via a lovely hike through the Hawaiian jungle?

Before we dive into exploring this stunning waterfall swimming hole, it is important to issue a friendly warning about the risks associated with flash flooding, and leptospirosis bacteria found in many of Hawaii’s natural pools. It is advised that you check weather reports before heading out for the day, never swim when you have open wounds, and to always watch your step. With that warning out of the way, welcome to Makaleha Falls.

For more information about Makaleha Falls and to find the trailhead, head on over to AllTrails. And for more incredible waterfall swimming holes, check out our previous article.