The Little Known Natural Oasis In Hawaii That’ll Be Your New Favorite Destination

Tucked away off of Oahu’s Pali Highway in the lush Nu’uanu Valley, is a magnificent natural oasis that will certainly offer a welcome respite from the stresses of daily life. You’ll find a trail so far removed from society that you might – on a weekday – be hiking on your own for quite some time. While the trail to Lulumahu Falls can be difficult to follow at times, making it easy to get lost, there are four major points of interest: a beautiful bamboo forest, the Nu’uanu Resevoir and surrounding field, the actual waterfall, and the nearby Kaniakapupu ruins.

The trail is in a restricted watershed area, and hikers need to apply for a permit in order to make the trek legally, but trust us, it’s totally worth the hassle. This is actually one of my favorite Oahu hiking trails, and I take everyone who visits on this beautiful journey through the Hawaiian jungle.

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