This Fairy Tale Campground In Hawaii Is Like Something From A Dream

With endless summer weather comes endless opportunities for summer activities: swimming, surfing, hiking, and perhaps my favorite — camping trips. Camping in Hawaii is a little bit different than your traditional forest camping on the U.S. mainland, and while you will find countless beachfront campgrounds across our beautiful islands, you’ll want to venture inland to experience this fairytale campground on the island of Kauai at least once.

The Koke’e State Park Campground is located at 4187 Muhihi Rd., Waimea, HI 96796. You can make a reservation here. Don’t forget to hike the incredible nearby Alakai Swamp Trail while spending time at this Hawaii campground.

If you’re not into tent camping, why not hang out at one of Hawaii’s incredible cabins for a weekend instead?