This Waterfall Swimming Hole In Hawaii Is So Hidden You’ll Probably Have It All To Yourself

From Kauai to Hawaii Island and everywhere in between, the Hawaiian Islands are home to countless incredible waterfall-fed swimming holes perfect for an afternoon spent relaxing and splashing around. Some of these spots are more popular than others, and while we love Maunawili Falls, there’s another waterfall swimming hole nearby that’s off the beaten path just enough that you might just find you have the dreamy destination to yourself, depending on when you visit, of course.

Before we dive into this waterfall-fed pool, we’d like to issue a reminder about safety. Because this incredible waterfall in Hawaii is stream-fed, it is important to issue a friendly warning about the risks associated with flash flooding, and leptospirosis bacteria found in many of Hawaii’s natural pools. You should check weather reports and ocean conditions before heading out for the day, never swim here if you have open wounds, and always watch your step.


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Address: Kalauao, Waimalu, HI 96701, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Kalauao Falls in Hawaii

June 13, 2022

What is the best swimming hole in Hawaii?  

Hawaii might be the almighty wizard of swimming holes in the United States. After all, it really is a paradise and said paradise is positively littered with excellent places to swim. Some of our favorite swimming holes in Hawaii include the relaxing Ahalanui Hot Pond, whose water is heated naturally by geothermal activity. It’s a natural hot bath and perfect for a chilly day! We also love the famed Chutes and Ladders swimming hole in Hawaii, which is known for its crystalline water, blue tinge, and proximity to the sea. Of course, the “best” swimming holes are subjective, but these two are among the most sought-after places to swim in Hawaii.  

Where can I find an amazing waterfall swimming hole in Hawaii?  

The list continues! Other amazing waterfall swimming holes in Hawaii include gems like the Queen’s Bath, an incredible little swim pond next to its parent body of water (waves from the Pacific Ocean). When the tide is low and the waves on the sea aren’t vicious, this is easily one of – if not THE – most amazing swimming holes in Hawaii. Other Hawaii swimming holes include waterfalls, like the pond fed by Twin Falls (also known as Hololawa Falls) and Likeke Falls.  

How big is Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area on Oahu?  

Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area is a stunning recreation area encompassing 384 amazing acres. It’s easily one of the most amazing state parks in Hawaii, and you’ll never forget it once you’ve been. It’s found 12 miles from Waikiki and is easily accessible by tourists and locals alike. It is beloved by nature lovers of all sorts, from fans of the geology of Hawaii to lovers of the most scenic places in Hawaii. No matter what kind of natural wonder your soul craves, you’re sure to find it in beautiful Hawaii. Might as well start at Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area!  

Address: Kalauao, Waimalu, HI 96701, USA