15 Incredible And Underrated Places In Hawaii To Visit That Aren’t On Oahu

The third largest island in Hawaii, and also the most populated, Oahu is home to approximately two-thirds of Hawaii’s population. It also just so happens that nearly 45 percent of tourists to Hawaii visit Waikiki, a densely populated stretch of coastline many locals stay far away from. After all, there is so much more to discover throughout the Hawaiian Islands than a beach that is full of imported sand. Today, in celebration of the Aloha State and ALL it has to offer, here are 15 magnificent places you’ll want to visit that you won’t find in Waikiki, or on Oahu in general. From black sand beaches to fairytale gardens, you’ll undoubtedly want to add these underrated destinations to your Hawaii bucket list.

Don’t think we’re saying Oahu is all bad. We actually happen to think this often overrated island is actually pretty incredible. Here’s why.