This Incredible Drone Footage Shows Hawaii Like You’ve Never Seen Before

From fern-covered vistas, steep mountain faces, rocky shorelines and expansive fields, to cityscapes, abandoned ruins, and picturesque lighthouses, this drone footage, shot by SkyCandy Digital Cinema, highlights many of the things that make the Hawaiian Islands so beautiful, so enticing.

According to the video‚Äôs description on YouTube, this footage was taken nearly three years ago, when drones were busting onto the scene; “Even with technology changing SO much in the drone world since then, the footage is finally seeing the light of day, and is gorgeous. This footage has been sitting on a drive, waiting to be discovered, and it’s finally time to showcase that trip from so long ago.”

We are certainly grateful that this beautiful footage has been released, and that we are able to witness our islands from an entirely new perspective – one that reaches beyond our often-enraging commutes, and weekends spent alongside dozens of other beach-goers.

If you couldn’t tell, we are obsessed with drone footage of the Hawaiian Islands, so here is footage off Maui, Kauai, and Oahu.