Learn The Storied History Behind Hawaii’s Beloved Dole Cannery Theater

When one thinks of Hawaii, one often thinks of sunshine, beaches, and rich culture. The Paradise of the Pacific is full of culture and that includes, though you might not initially suspect it, rumors of hauntings. Ghosts in Hawaii? Is this a mere local legend designed to pique the curiosity of tourists, or could there be some truth to the claim? Today we’re going to take a virtual visit to a purportedly haunted site, but we’ll ultimately leave it up to you to decide if this theater in Hawaii is haunted. Check it out:

While there may be Ghosts in Hawaii, it is likely that the legends hanging around this former cannery are just that: legends. While it is entirely possible that the neighborhood is situated on ground once sacred to area residents, and perhaps that the older man in theater fourteen was once a cannery employee… the tales of a school bus crashing in the “1980s” seem too vague and too hard to trace to be true. What are your thoughts on this legend? Have you ever had a haunted encounter here or anywhere else? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Address: 735 B Iwilei Rd, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA