13 Awesome And Easy Snorkel Spots In Hawaii That Are Perfect For First-Timers

Snorkeling is perhaps the most popular — and quintessential — Hawaiian activity. With warm water and islands surrounded by magnificent reef ecosystems, Hawaii is a snorkeler’s paradise. However, if you’ve never done it before, snorkeling can seem daunting. But you’re in luck because there are countless beaches and bays across the Hawaiian Islands that are perfect for snorkelers of any skill level — including beginners!

Before we dive in, we need to issue a short warning: please remember that you are a visitor in the vast Pacific Ocean; you should never disrupt the living coral, or bother sea life. Disturbing endangered animals like the Hawaiian monk seal and the honu is illegal and may result in massive fines. As always, we suggest you check out surf conditions before you make any decisions, and head warnings posted at these popular spots.

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