These 9 Deadly Things Are Lurking In Your Favorite Hawaiian Waters

While the sparkling, turquoise waters found in the vast Pacific Ocean off the Hawaiian coast are certainly beautiful and enticing, the world below the surface is home to some deadly secrets. From shark attacks to rogue waves, rip currents, and various sea creatures, your favorite Hawaiian waters are no doubt full of things that can be harmful. Here are nine commonly found things that just might kill you, if you’re not careful, that is. Have you ever encountered any dangerous sea creatures in Hawaii? What about dangers in the natural world? Check them out!

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Dangerous Sea Creatures in Hawaii

August 05, 2022

How many species of venomous fish in Hawaii are there?  

In just a word? Numerous! Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, sure, and it’s definitely a paradise – but some of the aquatic critters that call it home are capable of tremendous harm to humans and other critters! Take the scorpionfish, for example – there are 25 species of them in and around Hawaii. Other venomous and dangerous fish and invertebrates in Hawaii include the box jellyfish (DO. NOT. TOUCH.), the Portuguese Man-O-War (DEFINITELY DO NOT TOUCH), sea urchins, and even some types of sea snails!  

What are the deadliest sea creatures in Hawaii?  

Any and all of the animals listed in the above paragraph are considered very dangerous, and should not be handled or played with by anyone. You know how we mentioned snails? Well, yeah – the cone snail is incredibly dangerous thanks to its venom and the locals call their shells “dizzy shells”. They can cause anaphylactic shock in people who mishandle them, so seriously, just don’t even try. Look, don’t touch! Another very dangerous, deadly sea creature of Hawaii is the moray eel, which has more than 80 species that call the region home. They can easily stun and kill other fish, as well as people, and they too are never to be trifled with.  

Are there any sharks in Hawaii? 

Unfortunately, yep. The deadliest species of sharks in Hawaii are the Tiger sharks. They are very efficient, deadly predators and operate with a succinct precision one could only expect from a shark. They can be up to 13 feet long and, while Great Whites seem to get all the scary cred, Tiger sharks are much deadlier. Of course, this doesn’t mean attacks are common – since the beginning of recordkeeping in 1928, there have been just 11 fatalities from sharks in Hawaii (and most of them occurred near Maui).