15 Things You Must Know About Dating Someone From Hawaii

As the most isolated population center on the entire planet, the Hawaiian Islands are incredibly unique in everything from our scenery and land formations to our culture and common quirks. And while not everyone is the same, there are a few things you should know about dating someone from Hawaii. Let’s dive in.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone from Hawaii? How did you feel about dating someone from Hawaii? Have you found any of these things to be true? Tell us about it in the comments — and cheers to your hopefully happy ending in the Aloha State!

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Hawaii Locals

August 24, 2020

Why do you say Hawaii locals instead of Hawaiians? 

Simply put: not everyone who lives in Hawaii is Hawaiian. Unlike those who call any other American state home, Hawaiian does not identify someone who merely lives in a state but rather a race of people. Only those with native Hawaiian ancestry are referred to as Hawaiians. Everyone else is a Hawaii local or kama’aina, translating directly to mean “child or person of the land.”

What are the people of Hawaii like?

Hawaii locals are absolutely incredible, with few exceptions, of course. In Hawaii, the Aloha Spirit runs deep and the locals are laid-back, happy, and barely stressed. They also love the beach, local food, and exploring spots hidden from tourists. Bottom line: those who call the Hawaiian Islands home are the best people you will ever meet.

What are some of the most common misconceptions people have about Hawaii?

Because the Hawaiian Islands are so removed from the rest of the world — after all, the Aloha State is the most isolated population center in the entire world — many people have misconceptions about the people who live here and the islands themselves. Contrary to popular belief, people from Hawaii do more than surf, spend time at the beach drinking Mai Tais, and playing the ukulele in our Hawaiian shirts. For specific examples, you might want to read about the 10 Stereotypes About Hawaii That Need To Be Put To Rest Right Now.

Address: Hawaii, USA