Do NOT Do These 7 Touristy Things In Hawaii. Do This Instead.

When visiting Hawaii – whether you are from the mainland, or simply exploring a neighbor island – you might want to avoid what many would call “tourist traps.” You know, the attractions the guide books boast about, but are actually just overrun with so many tourists that you don’t enjoy yourself as much as if, say, you were to visit a lesser known attraction? Here are some alternatives to Hawaii’s major tourist attractions.

(Do I really need to clarify that these seven major tourist attractions are still amazing and worth the visit? While these tourist-infested attractions are worth the hype, there are often hidden gems nearby that are way cooler, and you probably haven’t heard about them from every one of your co-workers who has gone on a Hawaii vacation.)

Now you might have noticed that I said nothing about two of Hawaii’s biggest attractions: Mauna Kea, and Mount Haleakala. That’s because there are no alternatives to these two breathtaking summits, and they should be a must on any Big Island or Maui vacation to do list, respectively.

Which is your favorite of these lesser-known attractions? What would you add to this list?