Few People Know This Ancient Hawaiian Fishing Village Even Exists

From the northern shore of Kauai to the southern tip of the Big Island, the Hawaiian Islands are home to big cities and growing communities as well as tiny towns and ancient villages. And while we love Honolulu, Kailua-Kona, and Lahaina as much as the next person, it is in the state’s smallest towns and villages that we get a true glimpse into Hawaii’s unique history. Take, for example, Ke Kahua O Kāneiolouma, a cultural site in the process of restoration that holds the remnants of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village that dates back to the mid-1400s.

The only area of Ke Kahua O Kāneiolouma currently open to the public is a viewing platform complete with interpretive signs n8ear Poipu Road. To learn more about the restoration of this sacred site and what it means for native Hawaiians, click here.

If you’d like to visit an ancient Hawaiian village for yourself before the restoration is complete at Ke Kahua O Kāneiolouma, check out this fishing village on Kauai only accessible via boat.