Hiking To These Aboveground Caves In Hawaii Will Give You A Surreal Experience

The Hawaiian Islands are home to countless incredible wonders — from pristine beaches in a variety of colors and majestic mountains to cascading waterfalls and incredible sea caves, all of which can be found along this one stretch of coastline. Situated along Kauai’s fabled Na Pali Coast is Hanakapi’ai Beach, a stunning slice of paradise accessible only via a strenuous four mile round trip day hike. It is at the edge of this magnificent beach that you will find a series of incredible aboveground caves carved into the cliffside (and if you continue along the trail for another two miles one-way, a cascading waterfall). Let’s take a look at this surreal spot just waiting to be explored, shall we?

The trailhead to Hanakapi’ai begins at the end of Ke’e Beach within Haena State Park. Have you ever hiked to these incredible caves? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

And if there are only five hikes you ever do in Hawaii, make them these.