10 Reasons Why Georgia Is The BEST State

Here’s a little fun fact for you: It’s Georgia’s birthday. Most people don’t know that Georgia does, in fact, have a birthday. Now, before you go asking her how old she is (Answer: very, and she might take offense), we’ve decided to share some more tidbits of information regarding Georgia Day.

We say birthday, they say Georgia Day. On February 12, 1733,  James Oglethorpe landed the first settlers in the Ann, at what was to become Georgia’s first city (and later the first state capital), Savannah. Although it’s not exactly a public holiday, Georgia Day is still a very important part of Georgia’s history. So important, in fact, that we decided to honor it with 10 reasons why Georgia is the BEST state. Have a look:

Sure, there are loads more reasons why Georgia is just the flat-out, best state ever. But, really, I think these 10 hit the mark well, don’t you? Happy Georgia Day, everyone! We’d love to hear your own reasons why you think Georgia is the best state in the comments below!