One of the best parts about living in Georgia is the fact that hiking is a favorite pastime for most residents. However, people will also travel from different parts of the country to hike certain trails and mountains in the state of Georgia—that’s how beautiful the scenery and experiences are. There really are so many different hiking spots in the state, so how do you narrow it down to just one? Well, maybe you begin with the most scenic hike in Georgia: Amicalola Falls.

Another fun fact that makes the Amicalola Falls such an amazing place to hike, is that just a mere 10 miles away passing under a stone arch marks the start of the Appalachian Trail Approach Trail. So if you’re feeling ambitious, you can just try your hand at that 3-5 month trek.

If you still don’t believe me that hiking Amicalola Falls is an unreal experience, take a look at this drone footage from Georgia Drone Services and, which shows an aerial view of just how magical this place is.

Have you hiked the Amicalola Falls Trail? Do you think it is the most scenic hike in Georgia? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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Most Scenic Hike In Georgia

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If you want to begin hiking as a hobby then we recommend starting with the best hikes in Georgia. Nothing kicks off a new experience like visiting some of the best trails throughout the state. We’ve already mentioned Amicalola Falls above, but there are plenty of other hiking trails in Georgia worth checking out. For example, these scenic mountain hikes in Georgia will provide some pretty stellar views. Meanwhile, these short hikes in Georgia offer beauty and nature in under five miles!

Where can I hike to a cave in Georgia?

Some of the best scenic places in Georgia make for the most unique hiking opportunities. Take this cave hike in Georgia as the perfect example. At Sloppy Floyd State Park, visitors can hike to an aboveground cave for a truly surreal experience. The Marble Mine Trail will take hikers through pockets of nature to wind up at an abandoned mine with a waterfall and light turquoise pool below. There aren’t too many hikes quite like this one. Try visiting after rainfall for an even more exciting experience.

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When choosing the perfect hiking trail for your weekend in nature, why not find a hike that will offer you overlook views along the way!? There are so many wonderful hiking trails through Georgia that off scenic overlooks and views that stretch for miles. Try the Yonah Mountain Trail which is under five miles round trip but has a summit view you won’t soon forget. Meanwhile, hiking through Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon will offer a scenic stretch from above that is pure magic. Check out the rest of these scenic overlook trails in Georgia here.

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