Some Of The Most Mouthwatering BBQ In Georgia Is Served At This Unassuming Local Gem

Looking for a hidden gem BBQ restaurant in Georgia? We’ve got the perfect small town spot for you! About 30 minutes outside of Augusta lies the little town of Keysville. The town has got a population of under 500 people, so you might not be expecting too much of interest to be within the city limits. To ignore Keysville is to make a mistake, though, because this place is home to Country Boys Cooking, a delicious spot with some of the best BBQ in Georgia. The no-frills spot opened up in 2005 and has been drawing in visitors and locals alike ever since thanks to its amazing BBQ and tasty sides.

For more information about Country Boys Cooking in Keysville, including a menu and hours check out the restaurant’s website or Facebook page.

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Address: Country Boys Cooking, 6510 Story Mill Rd, Keysville, GA 30816, USA