Sleep Underneath The Forest Canopy At This Epic Treehouse In Georgia

Within the state of Georgia, there are loads of places where you can enjoy a quick getaway without breaking the bank. We’ve written before about sleeping in a treehouse in 14 Places In Georgia You Thought Only Existed In Your Imagination. Seemingly, Georgians love treehouses. Which is only fitting that we write about another set of tree houses, perfect for the entire family, where you can sleep comfortable under a forest canopy. Take a look.

If you’re looking to spend a night in a tree house in Historic Banning Mills, then you can use the website and address below:

205 Horseshoe Dam Road
Banning, GA 30185

Have you slept in these tree houses before? We’d love to hear from you! Or perhaps if you know any other cool tree house accommodations in Georgia. Otherwise, check out The Remote Cabin In Georgia That Will Take You A Million Miles Away From It All.