The Spooky Small Town Of Talbotton In Georgia Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Are you the type of adventurer who likes the more haunted, more bone-chilling experiences? For example, our Haunted Road Trip in Georgia is a perfect way to spend an exciting weekend in exploration. But if you can’t take off for a few days, then we may just have another option for you—a trip through the scariest town in Georgia. Now, you’re not going to enter Talbotton and see werewolves traipsing the sidewalks, bats hanging from trees, and ghosts frequenting the town square. But there is quite a story that goes with why Talbotton is the spookiest city in Georgia, and it may just give you goosebumps. Are you brave enough to take a tour of this spooky state town? Maybe not after hearing this tale…

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Talbotton is a one-of-a-kind small town in Georgia—but visitor beware… If you want to take a drive through Talbotton, Georgia, you can find it here:

Talbotton, Georgia 31827

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Address: Talbotton, GA 31827, USA
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Scariest Town In Georgia

January 18, 2020

What is the most haunted place in Georgia?

For those of you who get excited to visit haunted places in Georgia and learn about ghost stories, then the good news is there are so many spots in the state to check out. One city in particular that you should focus on would be the city of Savannah. Just within the city’s walls, you’ll find a ton of different creepy places to visit in Georgia. Whether it’s visiting a haunted historic building and take a guided tour, or meandering through a cemetery at dusk to read the gravestones, Savannah is one of the most haunted places in Georgia to visit.

Where can I go ghost hunting in Georgia?

Not everybody is brave enough to tackle ghost hunting in Georgia. But if you happen to be, then you can find some really exciting experiences. One of the easiest ways to ghost hunt in Georgia is to take a spooky ghost tour. So many of Georgia’s historic cities are premier locations for ghost hunting all year long, but if you really want to make it an exciting night, we recommend visiting during October. A few of the Georgia cities to visit for the ultimate ghost hunt include Athens, Savannah, Atlanta, and Albany.

What are the best small towns in Georgia?

Outside of finding the spookiest towns in Georgia, if you’re looking for something a bit tamer, then maybe just start by exploring the best small towns. Georgia has so many wonderful small towns to check out, and sometimes the smaller the town the better. A few small towns to consider visiting in Georgia include Dahlonega, Blue Ridge, Madison, Helen, or Senoia. For more towns to add to your bucket list, check out 11 of the most beautiful, charming towns in Georgia.

Address: Talbotton, GA 31827, USA