Almost Nobody Knows This Secret Rooftop Garden In Georgia Even Exists

What would you say if we told you that one of the most sustainable buildings in Georgia also has a secret rooftop garden that nobody really knows about? The Geography/Geology building received a green roof in the 1960s in order to temper the climate and buffer high temperatures. Now, decades later, this flourishing rooftop garden has been run by students and volunteers alike, providing sustainability and fresh food at every turn.

To sign up for a tour or to volunteer at the Green Roof Garden at UGA, click here. Otherwise, if you already have a tour scheduled or would like to drive by this beauty, then the Geography-Geology Building is located at 210 Field Street on the campus of the University of Georgia. Otherwise, if you’re ready for more unique things to check out in Georgia, then take a look at The 13 Coolest Attractions In Georgia That Not Enough People Visit.

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