Since we’ve already discussed the most dangerous places to live in Georgia, now we’d Iike to bring you a handful of the safest places to live in Georgia. Georgia is a beautiful state with plenty of safe places to call home, but here are 10 of the best (in no particular order, of course):

Did your town make the list? If so, tell us how it is. Is it a safe and peaceful place to live?

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Safest Places To Love In Georgia

Where are the best places to live in Georgia?

"Best place to live" is certainly more subjective than objective, however, you might find that certain towns just keep making the list year after year. Some of the more impressively safe places to live in Georgia are places like Milton, with a population under 40,000 people and a crime rate that is an impressive 70% lower than the state crime rate. Braselton is another ultra-safe town, with an amazing 80% lower crime rate than the rest of the state.

What are some beautiful small towns in Georgia?

Georgia is a beautiful state, and it has no shortage at all of absolutely beautiful small towns to go with it. Some of our favorites include Perry, with a population of under 17,000 people and home to the Georgia National Fair, which is held annually. Fayette County is beautiful all over, with some of the most beautiful country-life scenes you can imagine. Another excellent choice for the most beautiful small town in Georgia is the town of Jekyll Island, though that area is a big more higher-income than most. Check this article out for our picks for some of the most beautiful small towns in the state.

What is living in Georgia like?

Life in Georgia can be super rewarding no matter who you are. If you prefer living in the city, Atlanta is beautiful with a thriving art scene. If your idea of paradise is a little more like country life, we can't even begin to list the countless small towns and places you can find to fall in love with. Georgia has a humid subtropical climate, though, so prepare for hot and humid winters with potentially active hurricane seasons in the falls. Occasionally, Georgia will experience severe weather, so make sure to stay weather aware. For the nature lover, Georgia could not be more perfect, with more trails, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and more than you could ever dream of.

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