You Can Rent This Entire Island In Georgia For Just $475 Per Night

Imagine having an entire island to yourself with no one around to bother you or to kick sand up on you as they walk to the ocean. It might be hard to picture having a private island at your disposal in Georgia, especially without needing to break the bank. However, this natural sanctuary just 20 miles north of Brunswick can be yours for just $475 per night based on a two person occupancy. Which really only comes down to $238 a night each if you think about it…

If you’re ready to book Eagle Island, Georgia you can visit the Private Islands of Georgia website by clicking here.

The prices do vary, but for two guests, a weekday great escape on the island is $475 per night, or for up to 12 guests the price is $600 a night, which means the more the merrier and the more savings.

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