A Parasitic Bug Has Been Spotted Throughout Georgia And Its Bite Can Be Deadly

The kissing bug. Sounds sweet, right? Sounds like two bugs falling in love with each other…yet, it’s way more deadly than that. The kissing bug is actually quite dangerous and the bad news for Georgians is that this killer bug has been confirmed within the state. While it has originated throughout various regions in South America, The kissing bug has made its way up through the continental United States, and here is everything you need to know about it.

If you happen to come across a kissing bug or what you think is a kissing bug, use gloves to catch it in a jar and bring it to your local health department. Make sure to clean all the surfaces the bug has touched afterward.

Have you ever seen the kissing bug in Georgia? Share your thoughts about this crazy creature in the comments section! Meanwhile, if you want to know about what other creepy-crawly bugs are in Georgia, have at it!