10 Amazing Places You Can Go On One Tank Of Gas In Georgia

Everyone loves a good road trip, especially the ones that allow you to travel to a few places you’ve never been before. But normally, the issue with road trips is that they’re just so darn expensive. So, we decided to put this road trip to the test and find out just how far we could get on one tank of gas. Since most cars vary in tank size as well as mileage capability, we decided to use an informal average of about 300 miles, which is equivalent to around a midsize sedan.

The route is a simple one—Savannah to Waycross to Dublin (or vice-versa if you’d like, it’s the same distance). It’s a one-way trip that can last an entire weekend, exploring an your own risk. But the good news, is that nobody has to break the bank to pay for gas for this adventure. If you feel like perusing the Google Maps trip on your own, feel free. It should take about 5 hours travel time, and clock in at nearly 280 miles one way. Here are 10 potential stops along the way.

So, there you have it. Ten amazing places to explore throughout your one-tank-of-gas-trip. What do you think? Tag a friend that you want to road trip with.

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