This Nighttime Swamp Tour Will Show You A Whole New Side Of Georgia

One of the biggest and most stunning swamps in the United States happens to be located right between Georgia and Florida. This 438,000-acre wetland can be pure magic when explored, especially with the chance to stumble upon tons of wildlife in their natural habitats. While taking a day tour might be the simplest way to get in the views to this swamp, we have a nighttime tour that will rival them all. Are you brave enough to take this tour in Georgia?

Address: 4159 Suwannee Canal Road, Folkston, GA 31537

Hours of Operation: Opens: ½ hour before sunrise every day & closes: 7:30 p.m. March 1 through October 31.

To learn more about Okefenokee Adventures, visit the website or Facebook Page. Also, if you’re looking for other last-minute summer hurrahs in Georgia then check out this stunning resort-style lake.