Drink Your Way Through Georgia On The Margarita Mile

For many Georgians, the famed Buford Highway is the place to be when you’re looking for the best food in the state. This 49-mile restaurant row in Georgia features some of the best hidden gem restaurants of the state, and is absolutely worth a visit. But what happens when you’re looking for the road that has the best margaritas in the state? What many Georgians don’t know is that beyond the famed restaurant highway, there is also a margarita mile that will be as refreshingly delicious as one can expect.

If you’re walking Georgia’s Margarita Marathon (highly recommended) then it should take you around 1.1 miles to complete. You can find the entire walking route here. Also, you probably will want to spread this out in a day or even two days; there are a lot of margarita options on this route and it’s best enjoyed when you take your time.

So, what do you think about Georgia’s Margarita Marathon? Do you have what it takes to finish it? Let us know in the comments which spot you’re most excited about!