Discover More Than 14 Varieties Of Local Honey At Georgia’s The Honey Shack

Peaches aren’t the only sweet treat you can find in Georgia. As it turns out, The Peach State has quite the honey acumen, too! Travel along the Georgia Grown Trail 37 in Clinch County and you will find The Honey Shack. It’s a part of Georgia’s agritourism, and it’s well worth your time.

The more you know about honey and how it comes to be, the more you will appreciate its finer qualities. Have all your honey-related questions answered at The Honey Shack in beautiful Homerville, Georgia!

You can find more information at The Honey Shack website and their Facebook page.

Address: Bruce's Honey Shack, U.S. 441, 2797 Fargo Hwy, Homerville, GA 31634, USA