You Can Build Your Own Fairy Cottage At This Enchanting Nature School In Georgia

There are places so serene and lovely that they are instantly soothing to the spirit. These places are little pockets of peace in our busy lives. One such place is located right here in Georgia, just about an hour’s drive from Atlanta and only a few minutes away from Athens.

You can find a little taste of magic in the town of Watkinsville, Georgia. Located just down the road from the Elder Bridge (a lovely covered bridge that you’ll want to take the time to visit while you’re out that way) and set back into the forest is the beautiful home and studio housing Little Rose Nature School.

Little Rose Nature School offers a variety of other camps, workshops, and events during the year for all ages. By using the natural environment as the classroom setting, this unique venue offers an educational, artistic, and relaxing experience for children and adults alike. These workshops make an ideal day trip, particularly when combined with a visit to the Elder Bridge only a few miles down the road.

Little Rose Nature School is located at 2421 Elder Mill Road in Watkinsville, Georgia. For more information on upcoming events and camps, keep an eye on the Little Rose Nature School website and Facebook pages! Stay up-to-date as events are scheduled throughout the year.