Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon Was A True Feat Of Engineering… And It Was An Accident

We have a number of wonders in Georgia, both natural and man made. One man made wonder that wasn’t at all intentional is Providence Canyon, now part of a state park that shares its name. Often called “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon” due to its resemblance to that national wonder, it’s amazing to think that this gorge was not entirely naturally occurring, but rather a result of poor agricultural practices that permanently altered the environment. Without soil erosion, this would be a minor gully instead of one of the major landmarks in the state!

The Perimeter Loop trail at Providence Canyon State Park is one of our favorite spring hikes in Georgia. The two-mile hike will show you much of the park’s prettiest areas.

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Address: Providence Canyon State Park, 8930 Canyon Rd, Lumpkin, GA 31815, USA