This Hidden Destination In Georgia Is A Secret Only Locals Know About

Becoming a Georgia local truly is an honor. Once you can actually call yourself a local in the great state of Georgia, it’s like being knighted by the Queen herself, or being inducted into a club to which not everyone can enter. In fact, you also become privy to certain information that many other non-locals aren’t aware of. Once you become a local, you’re able to go out and explore and adventure throughout your state and find hidden gems that not many people know about, simply because you have the time, and maybe a hint or two. Like this dangerous spot right here in the heart of Georgian wildlife:

Although the exact destination of the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory is unknown, you can use this this address to find your way nearby:

Dawson Forest Road East
Dawsonville, Georgia, 30534
United States

Also, thanks to YouTuber Steven Z, we have an insane historical video from 1959 detailing the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory. For a quick trip through Georgia history, check this out.

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