This Hidden Destination In Georgia Is A Secret Only Locals Know About

Becoming a Georgia local truly is an honor. Once you can actually call yourself a local in the great state of Georgia, it’s like being knighted by the Queen herself, or being inducted into a club to which not everyone can enter. In fact, you also become privy to certain information that many other non-locals aren’t aware of. Once you become a local, you’re able to go out and explore and adventure throughout your state and find hidden gems that not many people know about, simply because you have the time, and maybe a hint or two, a word form a friend of a friend. Like this dangerous spot right here right in the wilderness in the heart of Georgia

The exact address of this nuclear laboratory in Dawson Forest won’t show up on a GPS, but you can get to Dawson Forest Road East in Dawsonville to get nearby.

Also, thanks to YouTuber Steven Z, we have an insane historical video from 1959 detailing the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory. For a quick trip through Georgia history, check this out.

Did you know about this nuclear laboratory in Georgia? How about that for some interesting state history? If you’re digging all this new Georgia knowledge, then maybe this will be of interest to you: Here Are The 12 Most Dangerous Places In Georgia After Dark.

Address: Dawson Forest Road East, Dawson Forest Rd E, Georgia 30534, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Nuclear Laboratory In Georgia

June 09, 2021

What are some good Georgia parks?

With so much outdoor beauty around, it’s no wonder that Georgia is well-known for its many gorgeous parks. If you want something urban, you can actually visit Centennial Olympic Park via webcam without ever leaving your couch (added benefit of no Atlanta traffic, woo!). We’ve got an incredible 50 state parks, some of the best of which we conveniently compiled into a list for you here. Savannah is one of the most stunning cities in the world, and its Forsyth Park is absolutely gorgeous and so calming. You will feel miles away from it all, though you are right in the heart of the downtown historic district!

What are some hidden gems in Georgia?

We know, we know. Most tourists are interested in the high speed and glam of Atlanta, or the beautiful historic homes in Savannah. But there’s so much more to Georgia than just our larger cities! We’ve got all kind of less-popular activities that are great to engage in, whether you’re a tourist or a permanent Georgian. Senoia is a little town that’s quickly becoming one of the coolest places in the south (and it will look familiar to you if you are a fan of the TV series The Walking Dead). Helen is a teeny little town but it is so adorable. The entire area is set up like a German town, and it’s located right in the mountains and has incredible views. You don’t want to miss their annual Oktoberfest!

What are some good beaches in Georgia?

Georgia has so much coast line that it goes without saying we’ve got some great beaches! While of course there’s the famed Tybee Island and Jekyll Island, Jonesboro has a pretty cool man made beach at Clayton County International Park too! Even if you’re just by a lake, Georgia has lots of gorgeous lakeside beaches to enjoy!

Address: Dawson Forest Road East, Dawson Forest Rd E, Georgia 30534, USA