The Helicopter Tour From Prestige Helicopters Will Give You Entirely New Views of Georgia

You’ve probably seen photos on Instagram or Facebook of your friends high in the sky in a helicopter in Georgia showing views of the capital city that are as breathtaking as they are heart-pounding. If you have room on your resolution list for one more item, but can’t quite commit to jumping out of an airplane, then we have the next best thing. Not only are you harnessed into this helicopter for safety purposes, but you still get the same views that are equally impressive and stunning all the same.

Have you ever had a helicopter ride in Georgia before? Share with us your experience in the comments section. Also, if you’re looking to book this ride for an upcoming event (ahem, Valentine’s Day…) you can visit the Prestige Helicopters’ website or Facebook Page.

Address: 1 Corsair Dr, Atlanta, GA 30341, USA