8 Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To This One Georgia City

There are so many different cities in Georgia that are ranked high on the livability scale. If you don’t already know what the livability scale is, AreaVibes.com does a study every year that ranks every city in each state based on a few criteria. Statistics from the website play a huge role in this ranking, which separates certain cities from others. There was one city though, that stands out from the pack in our great state of Georgia. This city is not only ranked as the #3 city in Georgia on the livability scale out of all the other cities, but it also is ranked #286 in the entire United States. Are you ready to find out which state you need to drop everything and move to?

It’s Alpharetta, Georgia.

Take a look at a few reasons why this city is so darn great:


Do you live in Alpharetta? We’d love to hear why you enjoy living there!