This Ride Through An Old Mine In Georgia Will Take You Back In Time

Deep in the heart of Lumpkin County, you’ll find an attraction that is unlike any other in the state of Georgia. It’s the perfect blend of natural intrigue with some incredible bouts of true Georgia history. Whether you’re looking to explore something new, or perhaps simply take the family away for the weekend to enjoy one of the top things to do in the state, this may just be the place you’ve been waiting for.

In 1828, gold was discovered in the Dahlonega, Georgia. Contrary to popular belief, this was actually twenty years prior to the Gold Rush to California. The discovery was a complete accident. Dee Hunter Benjamin Parks tripped over a rock a half-mile south of Dahlonega. After stumbling, he went back to find what it was that stood in his path. Turns out, it was a rock filled with gold. Within the year, more than 15,000 miners made the trip to Dahlonega, finding gold on top of the ground, as it washed off the mountainsides for centuries. However, after most of the gold was picked up off the ground, the miners then started to pan the streams and rivers, then eventually started mining deep into the depths of the mountains for more.

Did you know that you can actually tour the same coal mine that these miners did decades ago? It’s a trip that will transport you back in time. Take a look at why Consolidated Gold Mine is the coolest attraction in Georgia.

If you’re looking to plan a visit to these old gold mines, then use this address to guide you there:

185 Consolidated Gold Mine Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533

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