10 MORE Rare Photos Taken During The Great Depression In Georgia

While The Great Depression did hit the Georgia economy hard in the 1930s, the economy of Georgia was already on a downhill turn during the 1920s. The effects of the boll weevil, which first arrived in 1915, had ravaged Georgia’s cotton fields and further hurt sharecroppers’ chances of turning a profit. Right before The Great Depression hit, nearly two-thirds of Georgia’s farmers were sharecroppers with families living on less than $200 per year. The South’s dependence on cash crops pushed struggling farmers to use every inch of land they had to produce enough crops to survive. This led to extremely poor farming practices that depleted the soil. The Great Depression started in 1929 and continued until 1949. These pictures are the stories of the lives of Georgia folks who lived through it. Here are 10 more rare photos taken during The Great Depression in Georgia.

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