You’ll Never Forget A Trip To This One Of A Kind Fish Market In Georgia

Can we all agree that Georgia has some of the freshest seafood in the country? It’s because we have one of the most blessed locations in the U.S., with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. So many people flock to our wonderful state in order to indulge in fresh, straight-from-the-ocean seafood. No more frozen fish or week old crab legs—no not in Georgia. The fish is always fresh, and that is something we pride ourselves deeply on. Which is why you need to check out this one-of-a-kind fish market in Georgia for a trip you’ll never forget, and a trip your belly will thank you for.

If you want to visit Pano’s Food Shop, then use the address of map below:

265 Pharr Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30305-2225

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