Normally, we like to talk about the bigger hikes in Georgia — the ones that have rewarding endings at well-known waterfalls in the area. However, there are quite a few hikes in our state that wind up at a place unfamiliar to most. Perhaps exploring a place one might call…hidden. There are enough places in Georgia that exact pure beauty — nature at its finest. However, there is one place in particular that is worth exploring. Why? Because it’s a memorable hike that will lead you to someplace truly unforgettable. Check out Cascade Springs Nature Preserve for an epic easy hike in Georgia.





Check out a quick tour of the falls thanks to YouTuber iamMysticK |〉 Visions.

What do you think of this easy hike in Georgia? Have you ever been to Cascade Springs Nature Preserve? Let us know about your experience! Or for more of what to expect from this hiking trail, visit the Alltrails website.

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