This One Easy Hike In Georgia Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable

Normally, we like to talk about the bigger hikes in Georgia—the ones that have rewarding endings at well-known waterfalls in the area. However, there are quite a few hikes in our state that wind up at a place unfamiliar to most. Perhaps exploring a place one might call…hidden.

There are enough places in Georgia that exact pure beauty—nature at it’s finest. However, there is one place in particular that is worth being explored. Why? Because it’s a very easy and memorable hike that will lead you to someplace truly unforgettable.

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is 120 acres of tranquil, green space tucked into southwest Atlanta. It starts with a very short hike from a chain-link fenced parking lot area, which only paves the way for why the sites on this hike truly are unforgettable. Nobody would suspect just how wondrous the preserve is, especially from the looks of the parking lot.

Nothing special, right? But from beyond the parking lot and the chain-linked fence, sits something majestic. Despite the urban buzz that surrounds this park, you may need to walk inside, a little away from the hustle-and-bustle, in order to be surrounded by something that can’t be replicated just anywhere—the enchantment that is nature.

By hiking the short trail, you’ll come across an amalgam of things that are wonderfully spectacular. You’ll walk along the same boardwalks that Civil War Troops built as a line of defense in the nearby battle of Utoy Creek. You’ll also be able to spot the stone structure, moss-covered and beautiful, that was once a nearby pumphouse. You’ll also wander through the trails of streams and creeks, trickling slowly, the only sounds you’ll be able to hear from within.

Eventually, the trail approaches a boulder-ridden valley, the sound of falling water amplified through the forest, before meeting the Cascade Springs waterfall at 1.3 miles. The falls in Cascade Springs is one of the most beautiful, more serene, and most natural spot in the entire state. Here, you can find solitude and tranquility, meandering through the banks of the gathering pools. It’s a hidden gem at the end of a short, but rewarding trail.

Check out a quick tour of the falls thanks to YouTuber iamMysticK |〉 Visions.

What do you think? Have you ever been to Cascade Springs Nature Preserve? Let us know about your experience!