Every state has strange laws that are in place. Maybe some are from days when they actually made sense, though a great many seem like they may have never made sense. It’s doubtful you’d be prosecuted for any of these wacky laws, but all of them are on the books or were at some point. Check out this list of weird laws in Georgia.

Have you broken any of these weird laws in Georgia? Do you know of any more unexpectedly illegal things in Georgia? Share your knowledge in the comments!

To learn more about the many quirks of the Peach State, check out our list of weird things about Georgia.

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Fun Facts About Georgia

What are some fun facts about Georgia?

There are so many interesting fun facts about Georgia!

  • Did you know that the colony of Georgia originally banned both slavery and alcohol? Also, we originally were meant to be a provider of silk.
  • The largest drive-in in the world is located in Georgia
  • Atlanta wasn't always called Atlanta, it was previously known as Terminus and Marthaville
  • Coca-cola was first invented by a doctor from Georgia


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The Peach state is a food capital and there are a lot of foods associated with Georgia, here are a few of our favorites:


What is there to do in Georgia? 

Whether you like outdoor attractions, museums, or cultures like plays and films, there's so much to do in Georgia. We have so many must-visit attractions here! Some of our most beloved past times include