This Charming Town In Georgia Is Perfect For A Summer Day Trip

Summer is officially here, and that might mean your kids are out of school and itching for something fun to do. Or perhaps you’re looking to plan a weekend trip for you and your spouse to get some much needed time away from it all. Maybe you’re tired from all the same trip ideas or simply can’t spend an arm and a leg taking to the skies for a jaunt out of state. The good news is, you’re in luck. We have the perfect town for you and your family to take an incredible summer day trip. That charming town is none other than Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

First and foremost, Lookout Mountain is a small town in Georgia, with a population hovering around 1,600 people. Most people know this tiny town for the famed spot See Rock City, with historic rock formations and plush gardens open to the public all year round. In the early 1800s, visitors used to climb the mountain by mule and explore all the wonders the area had to offer. Now, it’s a bit more easy to access, and there are many more things to do throughout.

Not only will you be able to reach one of the highest peaks in Georgia, but you’ll also be able to learn a little bit about the history of the state and the mountain as well. Test your claustrophobia through Fat Man’s Squeeze, walk through the Grand Corridor and see the flowers in bloom, stand atop Lover’s Leap and listen to the water descend to the pool below.

Lookout Mountain, Georgia a great place for you to bring the family and spend the day, and you’re also so close to some incredible attractions in our neighboring state of Tennessee. Sometimes it gets a bit dicey which attractions are in Georgia and which are in Tennessee, since the border runs right through, so if you’re feeling frisky and feel like tackling two states at once, then more power to you. Just make sure you add Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain Cave to the list. Or you could simply head over to our Only In Your State Tennessee Page and read all about the fun stuff just across the border line.

Have you ever been to Lookout Mountain, Georgia? Share with us your photos and experiences!

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