The Bright Colorful Fields Of Blooming Azaleas Are A Glorious Springtime Sight In Georgia

With every season in Georgia that arrives, a new natural phenomenon occurs. That’s often the highlight of seasons changing for many—the dose of nature that is sure to come with. During the springtime, the flowers are officially in bloom, creating oftentimes some of the most fragrant and fascinating sights you’ll find. Right now, you’ll find some pretty stunning flowers in bloom—from the Rhododendron to the Bigleaf Magnolia, and beyond. But perhaps the most beautiful flower you’ll find in the mix are the Azaleas, and we know exactly where to find them.

If you also want to take a look at the live “Azalea Watch” from Callaway Gardens, you can enjoy the show without ever leaving the comfort of home. Check it out by clicking here.

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