Spend The Night In This Waterfront Home In Florida Seemingly Straight From Outer Space

Chances are, you haven’t spent a night on the beach in Florida quite like this. This Airbnb rental is as unique as it gets, seemingly built like it was made to take off into outer space. Not only do you get to enjoy a fascinating feat of architecture during your stay, but you’ll be staying right on the beach, with endless ocean views and blue skies. The next time you’re looking to level up your staycation in Florida or want to add a little bit of panache to your vacation, add this rental home for consideration.

How To Get Here: Port Saint Joe, Florida

To learn more about this Airbnb rental, visit the website by clicking here. Also, if you’re looking for other unique Airbnb rentals in Florida, check out this family getaway with 100-acres all to yourself.