There’s A Sunken City Lurking Beneath The Sea In Florida And It’s As Eerie As It Sounds

Looking at the photos below, you might think the lost city of Atlantis or some other long-forgotten underwater ghost town had been discovered, but what you’re actually looking at is a memorial site unlike any other. This half-acre city of paved roads, pillars, and statuary can be found 40 feet underwater, about three miles off the coast of Florida’s Key Biscayne.

The structures of the Neptune Memorial Reef are made up of concrete mixed with the cremated remains of those who have chosen the city as their final resting place. When a body becomes part of the reef, the remains might become a memorial column, bench, or a piece of marine statuary that decorates the city. Each one is marked with a memorial plaque. The reef, which currently covers about a half-acre, was designed to attract and sustain marine life and provide a place where loved ones and divers can visit those who have passed on.

Some people see the project as a beautiful and eco-friendly way to celebrate the circle of life, while others find the whole idea, well, kind of creepy. Take a look at the photos and video below and let us know what you think about the Neptune Memorial Reef:


Have you ever thought about what should happen to your remains? Would you ever consider something like the Neptune Memorial Reef?