Star Wars Land Is Opening In Florida And It Looks Amazing

Rejoice, young Jedi… your wildest Star Wars dreams are about to come true!

Following the overwhelming success of the latest Star Wars movies, there have been talks of developing an entire theme park dedicated to the amazing world(s) first introduced to us back in 1977 when Episode IV: A New Hope first appeared on the silver screen.

Although 20th Century Fox released the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, Disney acquired LucasFilms and production rights in 2012 and have continued the saga with Episode VII: The Force Awakens, as well as creating a new parallel anthology with Rogue One.

If there is one thing that Disney loves more than princesses… it’s theme parks. Welcome to Star Wars Land.

The development of the two Star Wars Lands (each featuring over 14 acres to explore) will be Disney’s largest single-land expansion. You can stay up to date on new news and announcements about the upcoming additions and exciting features on the Disney Parks Blog!

Now that we finally have a firm date to look forward to, it seems as though the galaxy far, far away is getting a whole lot closer.

We better go practice our lightsaber skills… and may the force be with you.