There’s A Restaurant In Florida With “Inferno Soup” So Spicy You Have To Sign A Waiver

Floridians are pretty good at dealing with hot weather, but what about the other kind of heat? Nitally’s Thai-Mex Cuisine (a Thai/Mexican fusion restaurant) in St. Petersburg has gained fame with its spicy challenge. For years, hundreds of brave diners tried and failed to finish the “hot as hell” soup.

The fiery concoction consists of 48 ounces of broth seasoned with a dozen different peppers (including the nuclear ghost pepper), with long thin noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, and cabbage. All of these elements combined create one extreme challenge.

Everyone who attempts the challenge must sign a waiver, and no one who is drunk, under the age of 18, or in poor health can compete. People who attempt the challenge are often disqualified for throwing up, and that’s not even the worst thing that has happened. Another kind of “accident” during the challenge resulted in the contest being permanently moved outdoors.

The offered prize continued to rise until it reached $1,500 in 2013, and the 222nd contender finally beat the odds by pouring the soup into a 2-liter bottle (after eating the noodles) and chugging it as fast as he could. Since then, the price and offered prize have changed, as more contestants have won the challenge. At this time, the prize is $100, but you’ll have to put up 65 big ones if you lose.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to put your money where your mouth is and take the Inferno Soup Challenge?

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