This Scenic 338-Mile Drive Just May Be The Most Underrated Adventure In Florida

Most people hop on this road in Florida just to get from point A to point B without realizing just how darn cool this scenic drive is. A1A is perhaps the most underrated road throughout the state of Florida, with very few people understanding just how stunning of a scenic drive it can be. Maybe an epic road trip in the making, or a great way to see the state you call home from an entirely new vantage point, check it out.

Thanks to YouTuber Freddy G we have an up close look at some of the southern parts of A1A:

Have you ever driven A1A in entirety before? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Otherwise, if you’re looking for other road trips to take in The Sunshine State, take a look at This Epic 3-Day Restaurant Road Trip In Florida Will Make Your Mouth Explode.