The Remarkable Bridge In Florida That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Chances are, if ever you’ve been in the Tampa area you’ve probably seen this stunning bridge up close. Heck, you may have even braved the ride and have driven over it before. But for those who have never seen the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida before, it sure is a remarkable sight — not to mention a historical masterpiece, too.

Have you ever seen theSunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida before? Did you choose to drive over one of the most scenic bridges in Florida? Share your thoughts in the comments section! You can check and make sure that the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida is open for traffic right here if you’re planning a trek.

Or, while you’re in the Tampa area, make sure to check out the most beautiful campground in Florida.

Address: 7508-7534 Sunshine Skyway Ln S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711, USA
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Fascinating Places In Florida

February 20, 2021

What are the most famous bridges in Florida?

Florida is home to some of the most iconic bridges in the United States. The Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine is a Mediterranean Revival-inspired structure with two marble lions at its mouth. The Seven Mile Bridge that connects the Florida Keys is famed for its expanse and can be crossed only by car. The massive six-lane bridge known as the MacArthur Causeway in Miami connects South Beach and downtown and is famed for views of the iconic area.

What are the best manmade attractions in Florida?

If you’re looking for the coolest manmade attractions in Florida, you don’t have to look far! Head to the European-inspired estate known as the Villa Vizcaya in Miami if you’d like to spend time at a historic landmark, and Bok Tower in Lake Wales is a 205-foot tower that is home to some of the finest carillon bells in the world. The lighthouse south of Daytona known as the Ponce de Leon Inlet Light is also a sight to see and makes for a great photo op.

What are the weirdest places in Florida?

The state is known for being a bit odd, and Florida knows how to pack a punch if you’re looking for a unique place to spend the day. The world’s smallest post office can be found in Ochopee, and Cassadaga is known as the unofficial psychic capital of the world because so many psychics live in the tiny town. Whimzeyland in Safety Harbor is an artist’s paradise, decorated with wild colors and incredible art, and Spook Hill in Lake Wales will have your car rolling uphill.

Address: 7508-7534 Sunshine Skyway Ln S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711, USA