The Quirkiest Town In Florida That You’ll Absolutely Love

If you’ve ever spent the winter in Florida, it’s easy to understand why it draws huge flocks of snowbirds every year. Everyone can appreciate this refuge from severe winter weather. (Even the Amish have a community near Sarasota where they can relax or retire.) One of Florida’s strangest and most interesting communities was a product of Florida’s history as a winter retreat. Gibsonton, or Gibtown as many locals call it, was just another winter getaway and peaceful place to retire in Florida. It just happened to be pretty much exclusively for circus and carnival folks.

Here’s a short documentary clip about Gibsonton, from around 2007. Many of the performers have passed away or do not appreciate nosy strangers, so it provides a fascinating glimpse into this one-of-a-kind town most visitors won’t get to see. Nonetheless, this town is worth exploring for its unique history.

Have you ever visited Gibsonton? What’s your favorite quirky Florida town?